Updates: Cars on Cards – Auction mode (ver. 1.3)

Updates: Cars on Cards - Auction mode (ver. 1.3) - Find a rare car!
Updates: Cars on Cards – Auction mode (ver. 1.3) – Find a rare car!

A new game mode – Auction – adds a new task to the game to complete and gain experience points to advance to new levels. With some periodicity from the main battles, you have to look at the garages of three cars from each of the seven owners and find the rarest among these cars! The algorithm will select the complexity and speed of opening garages depending on your success in this game mode.

The author draws the most incredible cars that he was lucky to see (now he painted 24 cars).

New auction cars will open with each level, and closed gaming cars will be used in addition to them!
In the further development of the game, we will make it possible to collect auction cars on a separate page and manage the collection. How this is done with wheel pictures.

(Русский) – Видео обзор игры CARS ON CARDS

Карточная игра Cars on Cards (описание игры, управление, правила, и первые 5 дуэлей). Посмотрим и поиграем автомобилями первого уровня, получим первый приз и узнаем про особенности игры. Это стартовый обзор мобильной игры про автобитвы спорткаров по техническим характеристикам.