About the author

My name is Sergey Rykunov. I live in Moscow, Russia.
I am a car enthusiast, designer, web publisher and author of the Cars on Cards Game.

In my life, I am passionate about drawing cars and understanding the technical characteristics of cars.
Here are some of my concept car drawings:

See more of my drawings:
Car Sketches Gallery – My Vision of Cars

For the game, I draw copyrighted illustrations of cars created in a single style, front view and a little top.
Draw and create your own catalog of cars – my old dream. I started drawing content for the Cars on Cards game two years ago and plan to add new illustrations every quarter. It will be the legendary cars of the past years and the most interesting innovations of the automotive industry.

I sincerely hope that my work on creating the game, using my own illustrations, will be needed by users and will contribute to the quality training of car specifications.

This will give you a way to get new knowledge and new experience!

I will systematically improve the quality of the application and fill it with new cars.