How to PLAY?

The game uses 5 basic characteristics of the car:

km/h , mph

s , sec

hp , PS , kW

cc , cu in

kg , lb

Each game consists of 8 pairs of cars, the data of which must be compared.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose which car you will play in 4 game pairs. The remaining 4 pairs are chosen by the opponent.

top place

Opponent cars:

Player cars

For each pair of cars selected 3 properties. Click on one of them (under your car) to make your turn. Immediately after you – the opponent will make the choice.

The control area (4 buttons) of the player and the information area of the opponent. Carsoncards Game.

On each turn, you can click on 4 buttons.

Variants: , B , C
or HELP Button
(requires NITROS)

  • HELP is a two-step button!
  • HELP for 1-NITRO (eye) – shows characteristic values in numbers
  • HELP for 3-NITRO (del) – removes one losing variant if there are two.

Opponent car data never opens! But you can determine their quality when you see the opponent’s response.

What cars data are winning?